To avoid copyright issues the following names have been changed


Spenderman – the reboot in cinemas soon

Fizer – Not Tizer the name of a well known fizzy drink. Maker of cocktails.

NicoleBari – Whoops! a real name (probably big in Hollywood)

Blah blah lorus Ipsum dictat. Societum pluralistum. 

Minimum wage Tories! Millionaire socialists!Industrial Greens. Sane Raving Monster Loonies.

and Nigel Farage.


Rage! Is it worth it?


Ask me ‘do I like rage?’, before and after

When I am soaring like a hungry eagle

on currents of pain or relief. It comes.

The lion, tiger, hippo roars. The birds fly.

They come back a little wiser than before.

The piano falling , the rainy cloud -stormcloud

Its my skull and people have killed with less emotion

so…Get to a safe distance cause I’m ready to blow!


Did you spot the deliberate mistake? (in the image)????