Love In Ten Lines

Loves fire.Natural intense

love abandons fearless chimes.

(Loves love is beautiful)

Prowess displayed in love

Knowledge unknown makes love

stronger in love than

ever a seeker. Love

your neighbour. A love

to ponder as love

takes over loves labours.

Love Quote

“This is it” A.M.W.

The Boy Without Legs

There was once a boy without legs

He went everywhere without them

He spoke to everybody he met

He pushed himself far on the track

And in schoolwork he did not lack

And he had lots of friends, he wasn’t missing those.

But when he sees someone run for a ball

Or walk with a loved one

In his stomach is a tight ball

That constricts and twists and hurts

And he watches the birds and knows

that where others go, man will follow.

So on he goes soldiering on without

the legs he lost when he was young

and into adventures on blades

Maybe, who knows.

There is a moral to this tale

one that’s hard to put into words

It’s more the feeling the little boy

without legs gets when watching the flight of birds.


‘So, Did you find the new play inspiring Jim?’

‘No, I found it expiring rather than inspiring, I’m afraid’


I have found my inspiration

I am looking under the ocean

And I am finding a respite

from the never ending light

And the train that is approaching

Seems to be encroaching on my skills

like the sea around Britain – further inland it goes.

I have found in her a salve for the unjust progression of time

Somewhere to rest my head and to breathe freely.

For a time spent reading what I might have written

had my path through life been different, if I had called

at different stations. Maybe I would still be waiting.

Perhaps we would have met at

a Virgo’s Dance and talked and drank without moving.

But in a dance we now are, me with her book and her with her writing schedule

that with a glance swift  I did look, perchance to meet the authorly gaze of

the one of which I speak.

Now revived from a slumber deep

I have much to do and upon much I have relied so the

new will not be too hard to exorcise. My eyes!, my eyes!, my eyes!

Do not deceive me as page after page come before them

fresh to devour or skim over or to revise wisdom old

and new in a mental franchise.