Bang! (Where Beavis and Butthead Meets Autism and Punk)

Scared of noises? Youu’ll be ready for all weather with new Rubber Goretex Massif Wellington Boots with white rubber silent soles. For the cautious Eco-Activist. Gather you test tubes and get ready… Meanwhile…Its Tuesday, not an ordinary day, not an amazing one. Tuesday. T-T-T-T-T-T-Tuesday. T-uuuuuuuuus-dddddday Its Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuuuuuuueeeeeeesssdddaaaayyyy!!! Where are you? On the Bus?Continue reading “Bang! (Where Beavis and Butthead Meets Autism and Punk)”

A Side / B Side – That Is The Question

Check box for damage. If the box is damaged refuse delivery. If you have bought the box home damaged, return to your nearest store for a full refund. Open box along taped edges using a safety blade (not included). Outsemble pieces where they can be inspected for damage. Remove paper inventory from the box. Using aContinue reading “A Side / B Side – That Is The Question”