Negation – Out Of Control

Something I like doing nothing something like pray day. Something I like doing like toilet twice a day. Something I like doing like writing in prose poem. Something I like doing like eating fish and chips. Something I like doing like picking flowers from the garden. Something I like doing like washing my car. SomethingContinue reading “Negation – Out Of Control”

Post-Going Missing, Pre-Coming Home

Is post going missing? By this, I do not mean through dawn raids on your letterbox or mail slot, although these things have been known to happen. I have heard (heard) that even if someone were to s…(muffled) Anyway, this post is about ‘Post’. We are always Post-something. How many times have I switched on theContinue reading “Post-Going Missing, Pre-Coming Home”

Dawn: Rob Me Of My Mind

When I go to lay down will I realise that it has been so much vapour?  Morning time and the day is already seven or eight hours old. Bold. If you get up early you get cereals squirly. Bacon And Eggs. Asleep In Your Head. You drowse on down for breakfast toast. Fruit juice and coffeeContinue reading “Dawn: Rob Me Of My Mind”

I don’t know…and as such I did wonder…

Where was the time I first said hello? Was it the beginning of the end? I stood on tiptoe and said I love you. You were able to look right through me then into the core, always right into the core. Never in the history of the Internet was someone so wrong and right aboutContinue reading “I don’t know…and as such I did wonder…”

Yellow Rose of Texas (retold for younger listeners)

There was an orange with pips. And it did not have any friends and it wondered why. One day is was rolling down past the orchard and ran right in front of Father Smileys Rose Garden. The roses all turned their heads to see the orange rolling past. ‘He has Pips, you know’ said aContinue reading “Yellow Rose of Texas (retold for younger listeners)”

Are We All Born Blind?

If we can see then is twenty/twenty vision all the way when we are born and virgin seekers, do we see the world in a different way? The focus shifts inwards as we are let down and disappointed in reality ironically the truth is that we look further out for the things we need closest to homeContinue reading “Are We All Born Blind?”

The Expectancy

Like  a bad smell lingering just below of ice and fire concealed by leathery skin serpentous forms slither and sinewy wind around limbs, that will wither and die and the great moon’s clock impassive tick then ever so slowly tock. Crows caw in the graveyard dark and cadavers stir below the ground. It’s the horror callContinue reading “The Expectancy”