The Cold Air Biting Frigid

Procrastination leads everywhere. Follow the lead of procrastination to its source and pull the plug! Act now! All-time, everywhere, all places, all people, all reckonings… The many warnings about procrastination! Never come out cold! Never go it alone! Never say never! Never think! ACT! Break procrastinations back. Think! DO! Love! React! Show! Tell! The ColdContinue reading “The Cold Air Biting Frigid”


(Are we a nation of Procrastinators?) Rotten fruit, the last kiss Water trough aged and brown Fresh dung, disconnected wifi A move to home, at last.   Disappointment, tasting sour Love beads around my neck dissolving into my skin; no trace, new microchip, blue.   New model car yellow Lamborghini Stripes A Red pelt aroundContinue reading “Procrasti-nation”