Right Again, Always

Oh! this love is strange, beguiling, insane. I was right again. Right on time. Right! This time and every other too. Hang on your not God. I know. But I am always right. I can’t help it like a disease sticks clothes to you with sweat. In the end, I will always be right. YeahContinue reading “Right Again, Always”

Write A Children’s Prayer For Christmas

I thought that I should try to connect with the magic of childhood this Christmas. So I thought I would write a Children’s prayer – a Prayer for Children to pray. When I was writing it I found myself remembering on some things from my childhood so I included them in my prayer and asked for God’s forgiveness.Continue reading “Write A Children’s Prayer For Christmas”

Ring The Bells – A Prayer.

Twas ringing upon the dew soaked morn, That day a savior was born. And there was a star in the Sky that lead, Astrologers from the East to his bed. And Matthew told the story is his gospel, That man may not forget God, his hostel. When in need or in times of peril, ThereContinue reading “Ring The Bells – A Prayer.”