By The Time I am Dead

By the time I am dead
I should be ready for the
My blackened heart has
burned off the fat and
is lean and mean
My prodigy is trained
to a sharpened point
and the point of life
will no longer matter
And all that is left
is for me to hug Satan

Life is too short for revenge
There is not enough time to eat
let alone properly organise
My affairs are unkempt or untidy
My love life bare and full of plenty
My heart is weak and strong.
My brain is lacking in efficiency
but the crux of it, that JC died on the cross
for me and for all gives me strength
beyond compare. By the time I am dead
I should be ready for the afterlife.

Fate turned it’s hand and turned my head
I am better off dead, it’s hopeless!
And time is nothing without progress
and I finally have made a bit..of it
And of that I am glad
Life is complex and achievements
even compliments come my way
But I am still waiting for payday
Just like everyone else
By the time I am dead I’ll
still have this hole in my head too
and if nothing else qualifies me
I should be ready for the afterlife

Right Again, Always

Oh! this love is strange, beguiling, insane. I was right again. Right on time. Right! This time and every other too. Hang on your not God. I know. But I am always right. I can’t help it like a disease sticks clothes to you with sweat. In the end, I will always be right. Yeah sure You are a millionaire! No, not really Although I live without a care, high in the air, like a sea-bird drifting on currents of air. I am always right in the end. Are you Death? Taxes? A bookman lest a problem, a cat without a hat, a dog with a bone getting annoyed? Or a surgeon on holiday in the sun? A priest without a church praying for his redemption or a child without a toy knowing its OK to cry for himself and for everyone? Are you insane? nobody is right in the end. We all make mistakes. Yes, I know all that thank you but I am insane enough to know that wishes do come true if you make them. So I am always right!


Oh God

Dear God On High. Let it be known that ,

that you exist and that entreaties to thee exist also.

Let it be known that this is known as prayer.

Let it be known that there is only one way to take prayer.

Let it be that novices exist also, especially in their own minds.

Let it be that novices learn to discern prayers for hope from prayers of ignorance quickly.

And that you may grant boons to all, depending on your favour.

In Christs sake name and benevolent glory. Amen.


Oh Lord Shew Me The Wey To Go

Oh, Lord! You who is wise about all things in creation

Tell me what do do with my situation please hear me, Lord,

For I am about to walk the plank with someone of higher rank

and I  don’t know if I can trust them at all with my body or with my soul


Oh Lord, You created everything on the Earth so you know how they work

Let me know which way in these winding vines to go for I don’t really know

And cannot see what will be best for me if anything  has to change at all

I’d rather just stay at home on my bed but would be a fool to pass up bread


Oh Lord did you ever work at the BBC cause if you did you’d be telling me

what it’s like and if there are people to avoid and the like of which I don’t

know that why I pray to you! Help me. help me Help me Help me. Lord.

Help me. help me. help me. help me. Help me Help me. Good Lord Jesus.


In your wisdom in your mercy tell me what is real and what illusions

I am a monkey on a tree high up in the canopy and theres nothing but forest

below me and its a long way down to the ground If I fall. Did I get vertigo a

moment ago for in my heart was a stone and now its gone dissolved in love.


Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer You know people better than I

and you do care for those people below you in the ranks and file of humanity

And Im stronger since i realised this is a fact of life The King Reigns for life.

The King Reigns for life. The King Reigns upon high and we live in his shadow.

Write A Children’s Prayer For Christmas

I thought that I should try to connect with the magic of childhood this Christmas. So I thought I would write a Children’s prayer – a Prayer for Children to pray. When I was writing it I found myself remembering on some things from my childhood so I included them in my prayer and asked for God’s forgiveness. While in this frame of mind I found myself reconnecting with the simple ideas of prayer, which i had lost touch with as an adult. I soon gave up on writing a prayer for all children. (Which is just as well as they are probably capable of writing their own!) So I just wrote it for me.  I found this to be rewarding and cathartic. And the closure was a good thing to get so many years after the event. Perhaps we all have some hangups from our childhoods we could do with God’s forgiveness with. Try it. You don’t have to post it online. Just pray. Don’t forget to say Amen. 🙂


Dear God,

Please listen to me now because I have lots to say.

Please bless my mother and father sister and brother with an amazing Christmas. That means to let them be filled with the Holy Spirit and to get lots of presents and to be close to the Lord Jesus whose Birthday we are supposed to be celebrating.

Let Michael, my friend have an excellent Christmas. Lord forgive him for not lending me his bike. That way I don’t have to forgive him.

Forgive Nick for roundhousing me.

Forgive Paul for playing grown up games with me without explaining.

Let the starving people of the world have food enough to eat this Christmas. And give them homes to live in.

Forgive my Dad.

Bless the saints and us, the sinners.


Ring The Bells – A Prayer.

Twas ringing upon the dew soaked morn,

That day a savior was born.

And there was a star in the Sky that lead,

Astrologers from the East to his bed.

And Matthew told the story is his gospel,

That man may not forget God, his hostel.

When in need or in times of peril,

There is armour worthy if finest Mythryl.

To be found upon the altar of prayer and

creature kindness and to find in God a willing witness.