It Doesn’t Wash Does It?

Are we the British public on the brink of becoming like Americans? Does Brexit signal a change in Opinion or just more headlines for the newspapers to feed on? Does politics in the twenty-first century actually have anything to do with targets or are we supposed to happy and content with the shore leave rhetoric ofContinue reading “It Doesn’t Wash Does It?”


Second Thoughts

Gears changing, accelerate more, harder faster stronger than before Biddum! Biddum! Left turn, right turn, heads up, heads down who’s is faster? who wears the crown? Biddum! Biddum! Get in lane, choose carefully, be strategic, be whatever you want to be… Biddum! Biddum! Breathe more deeply , anticipate the change, move deliberately, ahead of theContinue reading “Second Thoughts”

The Seventh Overture

On Mailing Lists and published memberships. It came in the night, the words, ‘It’s our city’ then echoed within many minds. ‘It’s mine.It’s mine.’ The capacity for fear. The fear of knowing ringing in your ears.. The marching bands of Ulster the mirror in this country. Let the protestant right begin tonight, tonight. Racial divides,Continue reading “The Seventh Overture”

Politicians, Democracy, Thoughts

Business, politics, finance too The future of the country has been entrusted to you What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Pray to a God? Make a Poll? or arrange a focus gro uu UUP? Or will you turn to the precedent of history, of ancient and noble civilisations past and present them asContinue reading “Politicians, Democracy, Thoughts”