Interesting, Studious, Cool That’s how I roll Lighting the spliff of life I drawwwwwwww! I drawwwwwwww! I drawwwwwwwww! Back to my pad, home. Jump my bones baby Rock’n’Roll Stuck in a teenage nightmare or dream Nothing is as it seems Debt collectors at the door and I’m not in debt no more Or so IContinue reading “Home”

Man and Girl

Willow Pond The bed magazine ashtray can of pop, Coca-Cola curtains are drawn full bin that smells of apple cores magazine that is open to a page for men’s fragrance and behind the closed door and inviting well-lit hall with doors off it niggling doubt before floating view of other people doing the same walking destinationContinue reading “Man and Girl”

Torch Lite

I have come up with a name for a blog -Antonym. Also I have a torch: perpective and light. Sometimes Godlike in its capabilities. ‘Move on’ is my new mantra. Like Kindles? Sign up to read pre-release books here. http://www.netgalley.com. Pentecost is soon. Move On. Some are coming, some are leaving; always making a noise.Continue reading “Torch Lite”


Gold bitch everlasting peace   Words come down see itself and began to come again and again. Blow me Blow me back against the wall begging for relief. Come down slowly in my arms and swallow me whole. This snake is heading This snake is heading for its hole in the ground. Bring me backContinue reading “eXPERIMENtal Beat”

A Handful of Soil – Poetry Exercise

I was talking about the possibility of teaching poetry to people of all ages as I am soon to be published  and this exercise came to me suddenly and out of the blue.   If I were to give you a handful of soil what would you do with it? It seems to be ripeContinue reading “A Handful of Soil – Poetry Exercise”