Breathe Away

It’s just in my head A race car revving its engine And accelerating acrid smoke going up my nose and into my eyes runaway time No escape from the pressure It’s a pressure cooker on slow cook tenderising my brain making gravy out of thoughts making films out of visions Standing¬†in line normality is shatteredContinue reading “Breathe Away”


To F… by Edgar Allen Poe – An Analysis of Place

It seems that a lot of poetry I have been reading recently goes to enormous lengths to describe a moment or series of moments between two people or a place and a person or people and that this might be an area worthy of some further thought. Place is… people are… I think that aContinue reading “To F… by Edgar Allen Poe – An Analysis of Place”

It’s not against the law is it? (poem)

110111000111100011100110101010111100101010101001101010101001010100010001001000100101001001011111110001010101000101010101000000011111111000010101100101010100011100100111001100010001100001101010110010101010100101010111000101010111001000010001110011111100111010100000000001101111100010000010000000000011000000000011000000000. You shout the bits in bold.

Chasing The Dream

A butterfly flaps its wings a pusher makes his way through the throng I adjust my mike. Hello and Welcome! a silence kisses the words We are gathered here today a tongue pushes through tight ¬†lips To celebrate the coming of ||||||||||| Moans escape the crowd The coming of |||||||||||||! Groans and grunts escape throatsContinue reading “Chasing The Dream”

What Do You Call it When?

Your favourite song no longer belongs…on your player. Your favourite movie no longer moves you …to play it. Your favourite song fails to catch your sighs and your favourite colour fails to enchant your eyes Is it being out of love or in love separated between those we know and haven’t yet dated Is itContinue reading “What Do You Call it When?”