Pep Talk From God

Life is a Journey( a twisting, wandering path)
that will take you new places (and destinations)
Be careful when you cross the road
(when crossing the road)
and do not step on snails. (Do not step on snails)
And when the road takes a sharp turn (See Impossible Bend)
Be like Buddha (the round one) and do not get stressed! (!!)
Turn with the road (turn with the road)
and onward to prosperity (onward to prosperity)

I did not write this (except for the bits in brackets)

Believe me or not!

I Don’t Want Love

I don’t want love

I want hope and illumination

I don’t want love

I want sorcery and reprobation

I don’t want love

I don’t know what it is anymore

Call it will, call it anonymous

call it how you see it, transparent as hell.

like fish in a barrel they can shoot me at will

And I will gawp as the bullet takes off half my face

leaving me bleeding all over the place and I will

write I never had the will to fight but I did not shirk away

I stood my ground and took my place amongst the stupid

the majority that wonder why they are in a minority when

fortune comes calling all around them but they cut themselves shaving

every morning for the same fucking pay doing it the same fucking way

every fucking day.

Illumination? Illumination?

Can I show you heaven and hell? If I  do I am in a minority

because no longer do we belong on pews in religious order and politics

takes care of the few and I wonder what I wonder really when its

really all Jean Paul Satre. I do not believe I do believe we are all in trouble

there is no bubble, except for those that choose to hide from it

Those who do not scream, those who do not die, those who do not lie.