Walking Up The Beach

I found a pretty stone one day while walking up the beach and put in my pocket. When I got home I put it under the tap dried it then put it on top of my piano. The stone stayed there for years and I always looked at it when I played alone or in company. It was a part of me, of my make up that little stone.

One day I was walking up the beach and I found a bone. I put it in my pocket carried it back home where I washed it I then put it on top of my piano next to the stone. And I always looked at the bone which sat next to the stone on top of my piano when I played alone or with pleasant company. It became part of my make up that little bone.

One year In midwinter I was walking up the beach when I found a mobile home. It was deserted and the keys were in the ignition so I drove it home where  I took  my little stone and my little bone and put them on the dashboard.Whenever I put on a CD of piano music while in company or while alone I would tap the beat on the dashboard of my new mobile home. It became part of me that mobile home.

A decade later I was walking up the beach and I found a woman alone. So I took her home washed her and sat her by the piano next to my mobile home parked outside the window opposite my piano where sat the bone and the little stone. And while playing my piano  in pleasant company or alone I would look at the woman and smile. She became a part of me that woman.

Now In my eighties, I can’t walk that far so I take my mind for a walk up the beach instead and what do I see but a little pretty stone, a bone, a mobile home and a woman alone. Ohh I say and smile. It was there all the while. So I get rid of the little stone , the bone and my mobile home. And when I play the piano in pleasant company or alone I open my minds eye and see the woman alone, the mobile home, the bone and the pretty stone and knew they were a part of me.

Now I am dosed up on pills and painkiller  and  have no time for walking up the beach in my head or with pleasant company.  When I am playing my piano sometimes I hum out loud a tune I wrote. One for the stone. One for the bone. And one for my mobile home. And the woman alone sings.

I first loved a stone,

Then I loved a bone,

Then I loved a mobile home,

Then along came a man alone,

And I loved him too.



and I crashed my spindly hands down on the keys harder and louder until the vase fell off the top and smashed on the floor. With tears in my eyes, I put my hand’s between my legs and sobbed for a life not equalled except by this woman alone.