Pep Talk From God

Life is a Journey( a twisting, wandering path)
that will take you new places (and destinations)
Be careful when you cross the road
(when crossing the road)
and do not step on snails. (Do not step on snails)
And when the road takes a sharp turn (See Impossible Bend)
Be like Buddha (the round one) and do not get stressed! (!!)
Turn with the road (turn with the road)
and onward to prosperity (onward to prosperity)

I did not write this (except for the bits in brackets)

Believe me or not!

Motivate Him

She said ‘Its all very well you being an artist and they are very good and nice pictures’ but otherwise you seem to have given up!

It’s not like you’re stupid!

etc etc
This is from the pep talker to end all pep talkers.

And from the other great pep talker in my life ‘You are severely overweight’ and then proceeds to criticise in detail my diet and eating habits.

All for one And One for all eh!