Antivirus Saturday

  Going shopping for new antivirus for PC , Tablet and Phone. I measure the brands by their conversation value. It’s the only way. I am waiting for ‘Androgynous Octopus For PC, Tablets and Phone’ to be released. That should get tongues wagging down the supermarket cafe on Antivirus Saturday. It’s a scanning time of myContinue reading “Antivirus Saturday”


Suck My G*

It’s all over the newspapers Man Said ‘Suck My D***’ Apparently this is rap influence. Well, I have two words for this.Thank You. For paying attention. In the future perhaps you will notice  the flow of the words, the perlunking quality of the prose, the poeticism meant or accidently written by me after reading all sortContinue reading “Suck My G*”