The Future

Articulate in yer face!
May I stay here and listen to you while my mind and senses explore on replay.
Still here talking!
On replay
On replay
Someone is bringing fresh drinks over
on replay
on replay
The party is busy but i don’t care
on replay
on replay
She’s not here but you’ll do instead talk all day
on replay
on replay
the future is the past
on replay
on replay
on replay
What are we gonna do?

Future Or Past?

When looking for further energy to expand
towards the future or the past should fate guide my hand?
For it seems that when the work is done
three parts of it is still in motion
mowing down the dominoes of the past
for hardly any forward motion.

Poem by Andrew Watkins

©2017 Andrew Watkins

When I close my eyes…

When I close my eyes…

Why can I see the city lights?

Why does everything I write rhyme with fights?

When I have a hard enough time asserting my rights,

Why do I see a starry sky filled nights?

When I look ahead…

Do I see problems of old recomposed? Ask myself

do I know of a remedy to help it all go?

Am I supposed to be living on the outside

Of a life once found never, never, besides.

When I recall…

I see an image in my head of me when I was young

I know the wrongs I did were written down in indelible ink

I get smoke in my eyes, from the hair on my face

Which is burning like old celluloid as It melts and you shrink

When I dream of the future…

I see the stars glowing brightly against a midnight sky

I hear the tweeting of an owl and I wonder why

The past and present can be so cold as to make you older

than you actually are, forging a new future.

When I look in your eyes…

I feel a connection with the universe in you

And with the universe in me as two

As we entwine ourselves around each other

And sink into our dreams, lovers and haters.