D-26 (Mass Produced) Laser Class Personal Weapon

Unit Cost $1400 Space Dollars Designed by Heckler and Koch SPW (Space Personal Weapons) Division Designer: M.Spengler McS (Merit Citizen of Space) If i had to write a childs spec of the latest small arms in spaCE IT WOULD LOOK SOMETHING LIKE THIS! Stay tuned for more boisterous shenannigans! Small Weapons in SPACE!!!

Rage! Is it worth it?

Ask me ‘do I like rage?’, before and after When I am soaring like a hungry eagle on currents of pain or relief. It comes. The lion, tiger, hippo roars. The birds fly. They come back a little wiser than before. The piano falling , the rainy cloud -stormcloud Its my skull and people haveContinue reading “Rage! Is it worth it?”