Inferior Counting

Serpentine, Tufts of hair clinging to your landscape Whose are you? God’s or mine. Animal psychology 1,2,3,4 questions Is there more? than what lies at the core. Of Cats, rats and sinking ships. Inspired silences envelop and conflate the elegy lead by watchful eyes. Under a moonlit sky, pale figures glide content to graze upon nature’sContinue reading “Inferior Counting”

One day while walking home in the rain

One day while walking home in the rain I stubbed my toe on a brick that was sticking out of the wall. I don’t know what made me do it, but I retraced my steps and did the whole thing again. Bang! bang! Bang! and it was the same every time. I liked the pain.Continue reading “One day while walking home in the rain”