mad medley

I’m the one you are looking for +1+2+3+4 Stare up at the ocean Look up to the sky … the world is in motion and we are passers-by I’m the one you’re looking for +1+2+3+4 Eleven in a bed and the little one said Roll over, roll over So we all rolled over and oneContinue reading “mad medley”


Every Breatholution…

Breatholution noun 1. The distance a second-hand travels in the time it takes to take one breath. 2. A violent uprising that is over before anyone has time to breathe. 3. A complete change in events as signalled by a sharp intake of breath. 4. Feel free to add your own definitions. After all, ItContinue reading “Every Breatholution…”


This poem is the first of three I made on the theme of ‘runs’. As you can see I use the word in the first line. ———————————————————————————————————- rabbit runs, bass drums, ┬áhi-hats rolling and strolling along the path merrily doffing and snoffing a friend or aquaintance good morning, how do you do? I am fineContinue reading “Rolex”