Octogon Prime

Octogon Prime.png

Otherwise known as T’chu. T’chu is the leader of this alien race that has lived in near isolation on their planet in a distant galaxy. They have the ability to transform themselves or to join up with others to make giant superstructures which they use in worship or other ceremonies. Peaceful and warlike their isolation has not dulled their keen intellects and senses. They stage large scale military exercises on the dark side of their planet where they feel an attack will most likely take place. Communicating via ESP the race has mastered communication over the known ranges of the E-M-Spectrum which they require for when infected with flu like illness which periodically sweeps their planet knocking out their shape forming and Extra Sensory Perceptive abilities. At any one time, only fifty percent of the population are available for military or ceremonial activities, the other half lying around the place like liquid silicon rubber and large loose crystals.:)
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Elf is Important/Ain’t Been Misbehavin’

ElfWitch.pngVain wanderer. Half Elf/Half Witch. Uses spellcasting to keep his teeth white. Excellent archer. and promising soothsayer. Climbs trees at a single bound. The canopy is his kitchen and oyster bar. Prefers animals to Witch company. Looking for his natural parents after being raised by a tribe of witches. 23 years of age. Answers to ‘You’ and ‘Wanderer’.

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