Bliss.Call advertising agency. Maybe negotiate with me. Bad call. Maybe. Bad left. Naomi. Water cone. Hot chocolate. Bagel. Strawberries and cream. Bad left. Call her. Naomi said. Suggested. OK left. Now! Lisa. Residential addresses begin before Rupert begin. Bent knees. Begin hello! Arigato! photocopier. coffee. Normal. Mr Watkins. You can go upstairs. Is that yourContinue reading “Bliss”


From There to Here To Nowhere

Nice title Andrew! Suddenly the music in my mind has changed and it’s down to Carissa liking my last post ♥. I was wondering earlier if love was what making me so sick of spirit. The beginnings of true love perhaps or something like that but I settled on my backwards tracking to when IContinue reading “From There to Here To Nowhere”

Surround Yourself With Love

If you love something ‘set it free’ is how the saying goes. If you love something a lot though you are likely to do the exact opposite and hoard it around you like flies around you know what or wasps on ice creams on a sunny day. But this means nothing, I hear you say,Continue reading “Surround Yourself With Love”