One Liners

‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ She was beautiful… I’ve got to get out of here… No time like the present… Or the past… ‘Fire a harpoon into the past…’ I should like that… I do like that.. Fire a harpoon into the past Faces, faces, I’m coming last (coming at last) I’m coming at last… I’mContinue reading “One Liners”

Choose Life

Choose life…choose sofas, choose bleeping microwave ovens, choose doilies and straw-men. Choose Radio 2, whiskey and spiced rum drink. Choose writing, art and creativity. Choose architecture with a capital A, Choose McDonald’s, Choose Subway, Choose Marks and Spencers. Choose Dell Computers. Choose a gingerbread man, Choose a tablet and smartphone. Choose Big Screen Greek Weddings,Continue reading “Choose Life”

The Itch

I had to scratch my itch again It’s like I have just got hands and know where to go to get that feeling that isn’t sexual but isn’t entirely neutral nor mechanical, nor subliminal It’s my itchy fingers on a keyboard words on the screen, maybe the big, big screen One day… Until then I will dream andContinue reading “The Itch”

Whigfield Was Right

Longpigs, She Said Stone Roses, Second Coming U2 Zooropa Radiohead – The Bends FYC – The raw and the cooked. etc. Whigfield Was Right Up amongst the high notes In a pink halter top top Dance Oriented Pop Emotions and ambition With a Synth and A Drum Machine Baby Baby Baby, Cry, Cry Cry Metallica -RideContinue reading “Whigfield Was Right”