Stuck In The Cheese Counter Line

Stuck in a transparent queue at the cheese counter line
Listening on my headphones. Don’t separate me from the Boss.
Form an orderly queue, I’m going outside for a fag.
Get home with Mercedes in the drive.
Time again to improvise.
Tonight, Tonight We are going to get it right on tonight all night, all night
Be my surprise in the morning sun!
I will see you getting wild tonight, tonight I will see you going wild tonight
Ships sink into the seas black holes a giant whirlpool taking down battleships and cruisers too. I’m so over you. Back to blue. I don’t know how I will tell you. Are you queuing too, with another one just waiting in line for the right circumstances and the right time? Maybe that way you would understand why I feel so bad in this land. Is the truth I don’t hear you understand? It’s all muffled you see and I like to be alone. At that time baby. But tonight your mine, all mine!
Afterwards I forget your name chil’ Don’t blame. Yeah.
I don’t need a bath tonight I will shower and feel…again. In the morning something sweet for you my sweet.

How Dishonest Is The Sun?

It was put there God? To warm the Earth

Did you steal it?

I forgot it until I thought about it.

It was put there by God to differentiate night and day.

Did you counterfeit it?

It is 93,000,000 miles away

Did you try and bring it closer?

It’s a dying star that once burned bright.

Did you hold it in your arms?

So did you take what god provided to warm the earth for man? Steal it? Did you differentiate between night and day, good and bad? And reproduce it? Did you travel huge distances just to find it? To hold it in your arms and never let it go? Did you take what was wrong and try to make it right? Did you want to cradle it in your arms at night?

If so you are just like me. And what’s that worth? That’s up to you I suppose.Peace.