Every Breatholution…

Breatholution noun
1. The distance a second-hand travels in the time it takes to take one breath.
2. A violent uprising that is over before anyone has time to breathe.
3. A complete change in events as signalled by a sharp intake of breath.
4. Feel free to add your own definitions. After all, It is unlikely to cause definition 2!


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Just a thought…



2000 Years

If I look back over the 2000 years of my life I Can tell you that love between a man and a woman does not play as big a part as community and somewhere to lay my head at night to sleep. I have seen governments rise and fall. I have seen technology blossom. I have seen war, pestilence and famine exterminate indiscriminately. But my pillow, my trusty pillow, stuffed with ducks feathers and sewn from cotton is like my best friend, except for the animals that graze and the birds that fly and constantly surprise and delight even my old soul, if indeed I do have one. Today i learned a new word: transhistorical. “Well Done Old Man. What does that word mean?” Not the dinosaurs! Or the Dodo. They didn’t last long. “You are only two thousand years old, old man!” Up yours. I saw the dinosaurs. I did.

Question What is transhistorical?

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