Nature In A Day

How can I get back in one day all that I have experienced in nature?

A whistlestop tour of landmarks and waysides in all weathers perhaps?

Or just sitting back against a tree chewing a piece of grass while humming a tune gently?

Letting the ants crawl over my trouser legs and the roots of the tree disappearing into cracks and crevices too small for me to look inside.

And lay there under the midday sun while the birds coo and the wind rustles the branches on high.

As a dampness insinuates into my behind there is a gentle remind that us humans no longer live outdoors long having conquered trees for floorboards.

But as I stand up and brush off the dirt and look up at the tree I am reminded of the might that puts the greatness into the great outdoors.

The Machine Of Love

The machine of love mirrors your pain back to you amplified

and exploded into genuine details all that you are. It might have you wondering if you are not alone after all.

If someone else has bothered to write it down, and had it made into whatever and you identify it must be genuine, thought or real in millions of others eyes. Like, love. It’s an illusion love. The acorn is not the tree no matter how much you believe it. Is it genuine DNA of love, though? Did this same DNA program our parents into bathing us, feeding us, clothing us, taking us to school? Or is this a different love? Is it a selfish love born out of compliance or fear of  facing the consequences of neglect? Genuine DNA seems to need no effort other than doing the right thing that’s why we believe it’s genuine. But the acorn is not the tree. What is the tree? It’s an image of free will, nature, and Gods Grace working together in harmony.Gaia. But what we actually see is different.We see action and reaction, cause and effect. Including the man made reality of genocide, murderers, psychopaths crime and all deviation. What is more real likely to happen to you? Deviant psychology or the things that happen in the image of Gaia? Do you trust Construction or emotion your molding or manners? Does psychopathy exist or it is natures guilt-free narcissism taken to extremes? Aren’t we all like that? Anyway does an acorn even resemble the tree?  But a tree can contain a million acorns. That’s what the scientists would have you believe. As would your parents . It’s  responsibility and it’s in our DNA. We are responsible for the planet and its inhabitants. We are custodians of nature. If you are struck by lightning or a drowning refugee then you might ask that not reciprocal is it? You begin to think It’s a random event and you are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or if you were on a dinghy trying to cross the Mediterranean sea then a plain faced bore might surmise  ‘you had a death wish’ ‘you didn’t want to live’ ‘you were being deviant’.They’re the risks!

Thankfully we exist in a forgiving world so that all natures wrath even when all brought down at once on you is unlikely to kill you unless it is biologically or psychologically pointy stick like and wielded with deadly intent. I am not trying to scare you. You know the risks.And then there’s the social world, the machine of love made real in a network of people? Fantasy of politics or cogent reality made real by sites like WordPress, DA, Facebook Etc. I think the love flows around and my node is positively glowing with love.

Anyway. I wanted you to go away with a positive impression and mostly to enjoy understand and to pass on the word about my blog. If you think I should get out more and make REAL friends then perhaps this post was not for you . If on the other hand, you are impressed then I implore you to follow me and to indulge your fantasies while you still can.


Dance On Over

Drowning in the morning breeze

I cannot see the woods for the trees

as I wander gathering flowers

amid the singing of the birds and the bees.


Midday with its succulent treats on a table of plenty

an illusion banquet that I can feast at merrily

While the others and my companions busy themselves nearby

pretending not to notice me.



In a dance with a tree, I, in turn, let loose a hundred birds

that fly away then back over me.

Everybody turns to see the natural  me amongst the trees

on which I lean invisibly. One whispers in a low voice and says ‘I like to dance when I am happy, perhaps they will one day dance on over to me.’

I let my hand linger for a moment at his side and then introduce to him a hundred wonders that were waiting in the trees just to watch his heart fill with pride.


Nightfall approaches the light diminishes and the crowd disperses far and wide.

Another table is set for one this time and I take my seat outside and enjoy nature’s bountiful hospitality.

Rivers of wine flow and smelly cheeses mushrooms and roots shine

as the steak I rustled matures in the fire. Rabbits and horses stand nearby and the evening bride takes her place by my side.


For all eternity, I want to last tonight. For all eternity tonight. For all eternity tonight.

Above in the sky, stars shine in their dark blanket and the moon casts its eerie glow.

And below I hold the hand of my midnight bride as we walk in moonlight shadow.

We approach a clearing in the trees upon which I sink to my knees and pledge myself and all nature’s bounty for her hand in marriage.

She responds in kind and now I know her love is mine I smile as if for the very first time. I pick her up and look in her eye and say I am so glad your mine.

Poetry 1

A tree falling down, the smell of lilacs. A butterflies wing painted red and blue. The branches crackle as they fall snapping twigs whooshing to the ground and sending up clouds of lilacs into the fragrant air scattering the butterflies into the wind to find peace once again. The lilac petals float gently to the ground. Nature’s called again.


The Armadillo

Imagine that you are an armadillo with an armoured carapace. What would you shield yourself from? Birds of Prey? Predators that prowl  in the night? It weighs a lot this armor but really you as an armadillo have no choice but to wear it. It is part of them and protects them fro when they are most vulnerable to predators: when they are calmly going about their daily business of eating, preparing or maintaining a burrow, raising their young or whatever. The armor isn’t the only defences nature gave to the armadillo: a keen sense of sight, smell and of hearing also aid the armadillo in keeping vigilant when it needs to be. Our health, mental health, prospects, ambitions.

Beyond what we as humans know about keeping vigilant in our own lives is our faith. Faith can take on many forms. Faith as a person living alone is as strong or needs to be as someone helping to raise a family or running a large corporation.Why? Because you are human.But stuck alone in a bedsit without anyone to talk to all day long it is often the feeling that faith is without form to be strong and to celebrate the Christian festivals which all seem to be centred around family or community. Taking in the harvest, Easter, Christmas alone are all an act of will devoid of the variety and joy we were lead to believe that as Christians our lives would contain.

Be not bitter. Have faith becomes a mantra repeated indefinitely through friends, family and the media. Have faith because one day fortune will come along! Have faith, do not be selfish, think of your friends and family.

I am confident that many of you reading this can tell uplifting stories of faith has carried you through difficult and testing times and this will come as no surprise to you probably because as you have no doubt realised: faith works! When we are down in the dumps, friendless or feeling like that, when hope seems furthest away is when we Christians come through for ourselves and for others.

When it really matters. When the odds are stacked against us time and time again, faith and the presence of God and the Holy Spirit makes us strong enough to mend that fence, to take out and scrub the bins, to clean the windows, to wash-up and dry up.

And in this time now when nothing adds up is when as a Christian you can use your faith imaginatively or like the armadillo’s shell, just to keep yourself safe.

Phew! I think that’s what ‘they’ call ‘cathartic’ in that my own experiences and views came out in my writing. Be that as it may I realise that the struggle many people face is very present and real and difficult, if not extremely so and prayer seems like so much p***ing into the wind. But I also know that the bible teaches us about Jesus the Healer, Miracles and believe that much of that is because stuff like that happens because God wills it to.

I am still waiting for my book on Lay Preaching to arrive, but I am going away for a few days now so there will probably be no more writing for a few days until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I am still open to requests for writing on a Lay Preaching theme. If say you wanted a piece of writing centred around the parable of the miracle of the loaves and fishes I would be happy to attempt it for you, as a form of practice for me. It’s a win-win. There will be a delay as I do research, draft and read around your chosen subject. But so long as you are aware of this you can give me as much information as you like e.g. word length, audience, bent etc.

If any of you good people (or not so good) does wish to contact me please do so using the website. Bye.