Laugh Like a Brook (and other things I have stolen)

Some lines are best read with an accompanying tune to shed light on meaning tone and impact. Thus, I want the whole of my life to be accompanied by choral symphonies, big beats and dope tunes. And people talk of deprivation. Well, I guess there is true laughing like a brook when accompanied by oneContinue reading “Laugh Like a Brook (and other things I have stolen)”

All The Way To London Town

Isn’t blogging like having a lucid dream? The Spire of the Houses Of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Cenotaph, The Gherkin, South Bank, Battersea Power Station, The West End, The British Museum, The Bank Of England, Admiralty House, Greenwich. Dreaming over your mars bar and pasty lunch with a tin of sugar toContinue reading “All The Way To London Town”