Weezer (The White Album)

At long fucking last! A new Weezer album. Here is a pretty picture. Full track list follows: 1. “California Kids” Rivers Cuomo, Dan Wilson 3:25 2. “Wind in Our Sail” Cuomo, Kenneth Scott Chesak, Ryan Spraker 2:53 3. “Thank God for Girls“ Cuomo, Alex Goose, Michael Balzer, Alex Balzer, Bill Petti 3:30 4. “(Girl WeContinue reading “Weezer (The White Album)”


I am here but music takes me somewhere…I am here and music does nothing. This is just a short passage or two on music. I am here writing this and realising that both statements are wrong. I can’t speak for you but when I put on a tune I stay exactly where I am…physically inContinue reading “Somewhere…”

What good there was has been swallowed by time

Thinking about things Pulling on my heart strings unforeseen consequences finding a new tune to play on my fiddle is not happening but  then again what is is passing by without leaving a trace except for the hiccups I make on the canvas that was blank. It’s not that I don’t think of cathedrals just notContinue reading “What good there was has been swallowed by time”