Premature Ejaculation

Black, filth, absolute destruction pogrom seed scatters ill will with it desire so shallow. Dank, dark, semen-stainedĀ pages Grotesque biscuits in a rusty barrel Devils supper banquet burns. Wasted decay of teeth sharpened bleeding gums whisper scorn and spittle cold tastes like death. The black cross inverted the inside perverted, sex rites follow-like Dantes Inferno FulfilledContinue reading “Premature Ejaculation”


Finished Website/Blog – New Look – 500 Posts – Competition

Hi All! I have finished the new look of my blog I have added page menus so that you can find all my hundreds of different pictures and paintings easily. Since starting in 2014 I have made 500 posts of art, writing or poetry! Come and have another look aroundĀ here See you soon. A