Best Mate

What shall I have for breakfast?

A look in the mirror and a little self-hate?

No, you can’t mate, no.


You’re your own best mate.

And if you hate you then nobody here will love you.

It’s enough to make you cry.

Why has it to be like this?

My lips ready for a kiss, that will never come

From me to me, memories of you

soft cheeks and a nice smile and body

enough to get me all protective

when we weren’t even under attack

I stood up saying ‘I’ll hit you back’

Oh, happy memories mirror

Why am I so sad?

I am not that bad, quite a catch

nice family  and like a bath

Could be worst, Could be Fred Durst!

And fat and hairy. oh that’s me, No Offence

I was just rhyming and killing time.

Waiting for homely girl to come to my door

and ask me ‘what you been waiting for’?

I never knew you were here Else I’d have been

here earlier. Oh! I see you have a mirror.

Shall we have a conversation?

Yes, please.Homely girl.