Put down something

Hell did not put it first but I did my own bidding or so I thought. In the street, onto the beat of things came my whip and onto the next street, my mind did a strip. And the next street and the next strip, strip, strip. And never came and went. Eventually, I venturedContinue reading “Put down something”


In The Mind Of Another

It can cause a lot of bovver being literate and observant In the Mind Of Another. Job interviews are alien planets where bug-eyed creatures hide behind rocks just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting job hunters. In the Mind Of Another. Sexing is in a foreign language from the nudie book you got from the market.Why bother?Continue reading “In The Mind Of Another”

You Are Fully Functioning

You are fully functioning like a machine but you are not a machine, you are my mother. I try and circumvent unpleasantness but you force me right on back to your robot arm for another wrestle. Your Unfair advantage seems to make no difference. You want to win. We talk in between of inconsequential things to me that is, badges andContinue reading “You Are Fully Functioning”