Windows Monstery Saboteurs

Space Sabotage


Now there fucking adverts IN Microsoft Windows. I bet Bill Gates successor is laughing all the way to the bank! Where a homeless junkie will puke over his $20000 shoes and jab a syringe into his leg and inject his infected needle into his thigh spitting yellow blood speckled phlegm as he draws his final dreary life breath. Who will go to his funeral? Not I, I worked for a living, never had a day off , I did the right thing time and again and again and again! I spit on his memory! That homeless Junkie Bum put a Fortune 100 company CEO out of action depriving the body corporate of its virtual head eyes and ears for a time. Corporate saboteurs eyes light up with that vengeance peculiar to that type of scum where daggers and hoodies do the work the hard up IT guy would refuse. Yeah!  Bring the company to its knees. Let the company bleed then rot then haemorrhage pus filled blood dollars into the gutters of the streets. Let the fuckers die!

Now for some music.

la di da di da di da di da da da da da da…


The Lover


Just examining my dark side…I don’t have one.