is Dead Long Live

I might get in trouble for this. I just gave myself a writing prompt is all and all things on the Internet die eventually. I’m just ahead of my time. Google directory. Dead. Myspace. dead. Demon Internet? 56k Modems dead.286 processors. dead. So on a dreary cold Saturday morning I am going to talk about movingContinue reading “ is Dead Long Live”

I Am As Guilty As Can Be

The sea plods on looking for  a new story to tell. Coming to a crossroads, it rests and thinks deeply. Am I wave or current? Life-giver or taker? Or am I everything and something just there. I have no care for I am the sea. But close a door and another opens and the sea mayContinue reading “I Am As Guilty As Can Be”

A New Mountain To Climb

22/06/89 Been trekking for days now and have seen no dirty mountains for days now. Its all plain as far as the eyes can see. 21/07/89 Mountains cam into view today. They have snow-covered peaks! Clean sweet snow! 23/07/89 Speeding up on the mountains now. They fill the whole horizon. Is this a metaphor forContinue reading “A New Mountain To Climb”