Interesting, Studious, Cool That’s how I roll Lighting the spliff of life I drawwwwwwww! I drawwwwwwww! I drawwwwwwwww! Back to my pad, home. Jump my bones baby Rock’n’Roll Stuck in a teenage nightmare or dream Nothing is as it seems Debt collectors at the door and I’m not in debt no more Or so IContinue reading “Home”


Someone Took The Rubbish Away

Someone… Took the rubbish. someone… took the rubbish away Someone… took the rubbish… someone… took the rubbish away. Say Au Revior.. to the rubbish Say au revoir to the rubbish today say au revoir to the rubbish say au revoir to the rubbish today Isn’t it about time… There was no ruibbish Isn’t it aboutContinue reading “Someone Took The Rubbish Away”