Saynt Elsewhere

To all the haters..try and be complicated and hold to opposing views while expounding love as the cure only to find that the answer lies somewhere in between that rocks. To all the lovers…try to expound on the fact that you are vulnerable but that your weakness is your strength a call to action ofContinue reading “Saynt Elsewhere”

Stuck In The Cheese Counter Line

Stuck in a transparent queue at the cheese counter line Listening on my headphones. Don’t separate me from the Boss. Form an orderly queue, I’m going outside for a fag. Get home with Mercedes in the drive. Time again to improvise. Tonight, Tonight We are going to get it right on tonight all night, allContinue reading “Stuck In The Cheese Counter Line”

When I close my eyes…

When I close my eyes… Why can I see the city lights? Why does everything I write rhyme with fights? When I have a hard enough time asserting my rights, Why do I see a starry sky filled nights? When I look ahead… Do I see problems of old recomposed? Ask myself do I know of aContinue reading “When I close my eyes…”