Unconventionally Poor

Unconventionally poor like a dog without a saw tooth bark I sit in my unconventional chair and write without imagination I speak the prose of Shakespeare, not Barthelme And I wonder aloud well in my head How can this unconventional life be so bad? and deep and lonely when all I want is a friendContinue reading “Unconventionally Poor”

In My Room

OI’m lonely in my room listening to the gloom It’s all so interesting to me   OI’m going into town to see what’s going down In the store and on the street Someone to see   OI’m not meeting anyone this way seems so lame Everyone seems so tame In town.   OI’m not hungry forContinue reading “In My Room”

Rusty Pennies

  Dysphagia contained light is dark, hot is cold, good is bad? yesterday is now today (it happened yesterday morn) the time-space continuum sprung a leak and I fell into it drowning in specious stuff until I surfaced on a remote desert islands somewhere. I am trying to give you my impression of how I feel.Continue reading “Rusty Pennies”

Wheres the Party At?

Did you today or ever get that feeling that the party, wherever it is happening is not here, where you are, but some twenty miles away out of earshot, sight and in secret from you except for the thousands of revellers out there having the knees up of their lives and the times of theirContinue reading “Wheres the Party At?”

Life Between Walls

Every day is life between walls, The sun rises in the East and Sets in the West, In Australia, the water swirls down the plughole in a different way, In America, there are poisonous spiders hiding in your bathroom, In Europe, there are pornographic books on your bookshelves, (and literature on the floor) In theContinue reading “Life Between Walls”