Asheaheawe Song

Asheaheawe is playing a game

Mended not broken, so not being so lame

Working towards when everyone can have the same

I am having a good day

Soon I will sit down and play

A game I have heard about for years

Headphones on and a dull roar

rises to a creshendo of yore

of my ambitions and tastes coming together

In a rise I need new hardware for, for

League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends


Coughs and Sneezes Spreads Diseases

Punishments For The Wicked

Make them drink the mysterious liquid from the bottom of Rubbish Bins.And to wash their clothes in it. And to boil their potatoes in. And to do the washing up in. And to wash  their hair with axle grease.

I was just lying on my bed and the saying ‘Coughs and Sneezes…’ came to be along with a novel punishment for the wicked.

If you are similarly inclined why not reply with your own. Like these people did:

A.N.Other, Bedford

Red red bubble, toil and trouble, we three curses be, crones of the twenty – first -century. We will boil you and strip you, and molest and streak you through the city on horseback if needs are. Ha hah ah ah AH HA!

P.G.Tips, Redmond

We three butchers be and we know how to make a man disappear into thin cutlets be or mince or offal. Be afraid, be very afraid for on the wind you can hear the sound of laughter, women and beer. That’s where we will have been.

O.M.G, Stepford

On a videotape bound and gagged strapped to a chair with no heat or light in the same butchers freezer you will be and first to go hard with frost will be your extremities. Teehehehehehe!