If I Call Out – ‘Ghost Bull’ Run Run Run Away!

    If I call out, they have won. If I stay silent, they have won. If I grind my teeth, they have won, If I gape like a fish, they have won. If I go…ape then go   ghost bull, horn to horn…   Throw down fresh sand and be prepared for ghost blood inContinue reading “If I Call Out – ‘Ghost Bull’ Run Run Run Away!”

The Armadillo

Imagine that you are an armadillo with an armoured carapace. What would you shield yourself from? Birds of Prey? Predators that prowl  in the night? It weighs a lot this armor but really you as an armadillo have no choice but to wear it. It is part of them and protects them fro when theyContinue reading “The Armadillo”

When I Get That Feeling…Barry White

Quiet internal rising panic, an impending feeling of doom, nervousness, a blank mind, a guilty conscience, feelings of inferiority, feelings of worthlessness and a tendency to concentrate on the negative are currently haunting the country house that is my mind. And the cause of these feelings. Bad relationships, misunderstandings, failures, too much disappointment, not enoughContinue reading “When I Get That Feeling…Barry White”