If I Call Out – ‘Ghost Bull’ Run Run Run Away!



If I call out, they have won.

If I stay silent, they have won.

If I grind my teeth, they have won,

If I gape like a fish, they have won.

If I go…ape then go


ghost bull, horn to horn…


Throw down fresh sand and be prepared

for ghost blood in the halls

and on the street  ghostly gore.

Put out ghost flyers on the walls

Two ghost bulls go, now three, now four

Are ghostly gladiators on the floor?

Where in a silent battle, where no quarter is given

and inches are precious like gold. We take the strain in a  nose to nose, forehead to forehead battle of force in the ghostly sawdust ring.

Night after night, fight after fight; battering ram blows rain down on my head,

made of bone and horn and not sensitive at all; that

absorbs all your blows and gougings of the horn.

We can do this all night …if you have the stamina…Ohhhh!

Crescendos of ghostly cat-calls ring out and the battle rages on

until finally it is no more.

The combatants weary yet idle for more.

on reflection…

Will I see precious peace in the place of ghostly wildebeest?


Or will I spend my time alone and go mad with only blades of ghostly

grass for company?


I vouchsafe on this ghostly wreath for nights made of more horn than you bargained for on this heath.

Now go in peace ghost bull, go into whatever place IS NOT IN MY FACE!

The Armadillo

Imagine that you are an armadillo with an armoured carapace. What would you shield yourself from? Birds of Prey? Predators that prowl  in the night? It weighs a lot this armor but really you as an armadillo have no choice but to wear it. It is part of them and protects them fro when they are most vulnerable to predators: when they are calmly going about their daily business of eating, preparing or maintaining a burrow, raising their young or whatever. The armor isn’t the only defences nature gave to the armadillo: a keen sense of sight, smell and of hearing also aid the armadillo in keeping vigilant when it needs to be. Our health, mental health, prospects, ambitions.

Beyond what we as humans know about keeping vigilant in our own lives is our faith. Faith can take on many forms. Faith as a person living alone is as strong or needs to be as someone helping to raise a family or running a large corporation.Why? Because you are human.But stuck alone in a bedsit without anyone to talk to all day long it is often the feeling that faith is without form to be strong and to celebrate the Christian festivals which all seem to be centred around family or community. Taking in the harvest, Easter, Christmas alone are all an act of will devoid of the variety and joy we were lead to believe that as Christians our lives would contain.

Be not bitter. Have faith becomes a mantra repeated indefinitely through friends, family and the media. Have faith because one day fortune will come along! Have faith, do not be selfish, think of your friends and family.

I am confident that many of you reading this can tell uplifting stories of faith has carried you through difficult and testing times and this will come as no surprise to you probably because as you have no doubt realised: faith works! When we are down in the dumps, friendless or feeling like that, when hope seems furthest away is when we Christians come through for ourselves and for others.

When it really matters. When the odds are stacked against us time and time again, faith and the presence of God and the Holy Spirit makes us strong enough to mend that fence, to take out and scrub the bins, to clean the windows, to wash-up and dry up.

And in this time now when nothing adds up is when as a Christian you can use your faith imaginatively or like the armadillo’s shell, just to keep yourself safe.

Phew! I think that’s what ‘they’ call ‘cathartic’ in that my own experiences and views came out in my writing. Be that as it may I realise that the struggle many people face is very present and real and difficult, if not extremely so and prayer seems like so much p***ing into the wind. But I also know that the bible teaches us about Jesus the Healer, Miracles and believe that much of that is because stuff like that happens because God wills it to.

I am still waiting for my book on Lay Preaching to arrive, but I am going away for a few days now so there will probably be no more writing for a few days until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I am still open to requests for writing on a Lay Preaching theme. If say you wanted a piece of writing centred around the parable of the miracle of the loaves and fishes I would be happy to attempt it for you, as a form of practice for me. It’s a win-win. There will be a delay as I do research, draft and read around your chosen subject. But so long as you are aware of this you can give me as much information as you like e.g. word length, audience, bent etc.

If any of you good people (or not so good) does wish to contact me please do so using the website. Bye.

When I Get That Feeling…Barry White

Quiet internal rising panic, an impending feeling of doom, nervousness, a blank mind, a guilty conscience, feelings of inferiority, feelings of worthlessness and a tendency to concentrate on the negative are currently haunting the country house that is my mind. And the cause of these feelings. Bad relationships, misunderstandings, failures, too much disappointment, not enough highs, dull routines, too much health and safety, cod psychology, sex, drugs and rock and roll, living alone, social ineptness, poverty, police humour, training, suicidal feelings, feelings of complete and utter despair, too much willpower, not enough support, too much sleep, too much propriety, a lack of support, did I say that already?