Beautiful Garbage!

In a heart, there’s one Fighting through the riot In a heart that’s gone No-one hears their plight In a heart that’s ready Well, read on, read on To the core, and the seed ready to meet your every need There you will find wonders of the stillest kind In the order of lust BreakContinue reading “Beautiful Garbage!”

Your Ears May Burn

She was tall But never close enough to feel Pretend is more fun Forensic timeline pathology intersected by blooms and stray insects French language labs someone pulled the blinds and one eye clouds over from behind. Check your thirst on wine not yet finished. Plentiful supply. Good vintage. Regarde. Tu Attende? Too soon! Why didContinue reading “Your Ears May Burn”

Junk Spam

Hi, ya folks, I read on someone’s blog today an apology for posting twice on the same day. If this is the rule then I would never have time to stop apologising would I? Hence today for Post Number One we have the title of Junk Spam. What is the post about? Well, I haven’tContinue reading “Junk Spam”