Out of Shielding Poem

Out of shielding at last

‘Out?: she asked with a gasp.

I think you’re being deliberately obtuse

For it’s not my mouth that been out of use

It’s the pubs that are closed

and the dentist too

No more people asking to use the loo

We’ve been busy during our shielding

Doing decorating and jobs that needed doing

In fact, it feels as we’ve almost caught up

Now I can get into church gain

something something something heaven!

A poem i wrote for my Mom coming out of shielding!

© Andrew Watkins 2020

Junk Spam

Hi, ya folks, I read on someone’s blog today an apology for posting twice on the same day. If this is the rule then I would never have time to stop apologising would I?

Hence today for Post Number One we have the title of Junk Spam.

What is the post about? Well, I haven’t decided yet. I am going to trust in the old ‘you will end up writing about something that interests you if you just keep on going’ like in a natural conversation that steers its way around to common interests shared by its participators.

So Ernest Hemingway? Does that ring any bells? Again I cannot claim this as ‘my own’ idea rather I found him mentioned on another’s blog and felt that I would like to add my own two pence worth.

I will spare you my trite ramblings by including this link to the Wikipedia page on Hemingway instead.

Brown-eyed and muscular is all I will add here!

American literature seems interesting. If only I had a guide. A real -life flesh and blood and perhaps a ‘brain’ on what is and what isn’t original, funny or Hemingway-esque but insular, shy retarded and oblique. To be honest, I would be happy If I found an author I could read without getting bored. I cannot remember that last time I finished a novel. I did skim through a friend’s novel but failed to write a review (probably because I didn’t read it properly at all)

I actually feel that I am missing out. Have you ever read an independent book review magazine or webzine or BLOG. They are fascinating places where one can find the most intriguing prose dedicated to a lost, unknown or up and coming authors work occasionally hitting upon a real gem. Such did I spend my time idling away the hours during my twenties. I even had grand ambitions of attending university and embarking upon a degree in English Literature so that I may choose from the world of novels one or two to Royalise upon a velvet cushion of literary blogdom where I could answer questions about the author or novel in a witty and informed way.

Such are the dreams of idleness. Thankfully I still retain enough dreamily, dreamily time to wistfully wend my way through the blogdom feeding like  a hummingbird at succulent flowerheads from where I can gather nectar! Should the idea strike that Is I am keyword ready.

So go and visit a bar, the one with bottles of liqueurs and spirits lined up in front of mirrors behind the bar and try every one. Remember You only live once!