What Choice Do We Have?

Dark, The Stout is surprising Light -Mrs getting mardy over Shades of Meaning -lost Love -The opposite of Hate – The reason we are all Late – No point in being Early -No point in turning Up – The way of the stars Down -Where we all go Life – What we are given DeathContinue reading “What Choice Do We Have?”

The World

Big, square shaped, like a cube That’s Billy my fifteen-year-old. Slow, boring infinitely repeating That’s Billy My Sixteen Year old Large, Full of… Well, I think we can assume young Billy is growing up, or sideways if you prefer. The world is infinitely large or small, caring or indifferent depending on who you are; InContinue reading “The World”

Is life a particle or a wave

Sometimes O Great One I wonder about the small things Of washing up and perception and knowledge and reality Then I get back to the minefield that is my emotions and relationships and feelings This is why I like to live alone, So I can devote my time to the perception of life! So manyContinue reading “Is life a particle or a wave”