When I close my eyes…

When I close my eyes… Why can I see the city lights? Why does everything I write rhyme with fights? When I have a hard enough time asserting my rights, Why do I see a starry sky filled nights? When I look ahead… Do I see problems of old recomposed? Ask myself do I know of aContinue reading “When I close my eyes…”

I didn’t have any talent- But I did it anyway…

(Is this the story of my life?) I used to work in computers and repaired them and fixed them up and also built and maintained servers on a big LAN (Local Area  Network) which was part of a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and a WAN (Wide Area Network) which spanned half of the UK. Sounds impressiveContinue reading “I didn’t have any talent- But I did it anyway…”

What good there was has been swallowed by time

Thinking about things Pulling on my heart strings unforeseen consequences finding a new tune to play on my fiddle is not happening but  then again what is is passing by without leaving a trace except for the hiccups I make on the canvas that was blank. It’s not that I don’t think of cathedrals just notContinue reading “What good there was has been swallowed by time”

Is life a particle or a wave

Sometimes O Great One I wonder about the small things Of washing up and perception and knowledge and reality Then I get back to the minefield that is my emotions and relationships and feelings This is why I like to live alone, So I can devote my time to the perception of life! So manyContinue reading “Is life a particle or a wave”