A Letter To A Beauty.

Word,words,words,words,words, cannot in my humble unskilled hands do justice to the vision I see before me. I don’t know whether to kiss your hand or grovel meekly at your feet. I don’t know if your smile is real or faked, or why your eyes are straight, as your hair not curly but smooth and shiny, andContinue reading “A Letter To A Beauty.”

Easier than sex

Dear…, You made it harder but easier than sex I am getting by but that’s hardly a record I am nostalgic for painful separations Must be something in the air. There is something that kills me and it’s not the memory of my time with you You’re not here now and that’s a shame butContinue reading “Easier than sex”

Scrubbing Harding – Wizard

OK! I have broken off the main ice and am now floating in the ocean. Visibility is excellent. Supplies are good. Mood is elevated. Have been floating for about three weeks now but can’t help the feeling I am not alone out here. There is nothing to see for miles around but the feeling persists.Continue reading “Scrubbing Harding – Wizard”