Take It Easy

Tied up by time

Constrained by your emotion

thoughts like quicklime

On an island, on a plane

On a boat to nowhere.

Stand and stare then retreat slowly

Playing out the twists

and being the vine

in blue jeans, in the commotion

your sensing a crime.

Your world in motion

connected to mine

through light

through darkness

through time.

©2017 Andrew Watkins

Pep Talk From God

Life is a Journey( a twisting, wandering path)
that will take you new places (and destinations)
Be careful when you cross the road
(when crossing the road)
and do not step on snails. (Do not step on snails)
And when the road takes a sharp turn (See Impossible Bend)
Be like Buddha (the round one) and do not get stressed! (!!)
Turn with the road (turn with the road)
and onward to prosperity (onward to prosperity)

I did not write this (except for the bits in brackets)

Believe me or not!


If I were paper then consumed in conflagration would be like love is to me. Black soot marked where I stood. And the flame that said my name again and again to set these wheels in motion? Just there swivelling at the hips playing with her chin wearing that lovable grin!

Gift-wrapped lotions set in motion by a train of joys from the beginning to the end calling in at blessed company and perfumed riches station where we would take on water and food for the journey ahead.

Ridges and valleys deep and wide nestle chocolate box houses where girls wave their hats at passers-by on the train, going to nowhere land where there is a hostile sea to wend in and out of on the way to our destination.

Nothing is too much trouble while in repose travelling through a becalmed country where lighthouses warn of danger and heather makes a comfortbale seat improvised in the heat of the midday sun.

Straw boaters munched by an animal in a barn. Sun cream emergency!. Cats got the cream as we eat ice coloured mess from bowls with cherries on it. We eat our fill.

But afternoon clouds carry a warning. Wear a jumper this evening! After dinner we can relax or socialise or take in a film.

Light a candle for those we left behind.as we entwine leaving the train, the journey, the perfumed riches, the food, the cat that got the cream, the day the weather and the sea behind. Goodnight.

Bacon Sandwich

Bacon sandwich in my face

Got an unhappy boat race

And I’m going down, going down

To unhappy station where there

is a steam train to take me on a journey

out of here, out of here. To the country

under the sky, to the beaches at the seaside.

I’m going down, I’m going down.

to the country, to the seaside

got my packed lunch and my thermos

Got my ticket stubs and wide open nostrils too

to take in the smell of you.

I’m going down, going down, to the country

to the seaside, on a steam train, on a steam train.


There’s a song

There’s a song inside of me

that is breaking to get free.

From where it is chained

night and day in wind and rain

How it longs to be set free

and to howl on the moors pleasantly

then to wander down to some caves and curl up beside a fire of humanity.

Its a feral tide on which this creature hides

never venturing far from home

lest it is caught and given harbour again

It’s the long walk to freedom that this soul desires

not the destination, not the hides

but the journey alone.

I won’t do that!

Hello, Sir!
Good Day! Isn’t it?
May I take your coat, Sir?
May I polish your shoes, Sir?
May I feed you caviar and steak My Lord?
May I give you this cheque Sir?
Would Sir Like his Tomatoes Star Cut or Cubed?
Would sir care for The Elizabeth Hurley or the Tia Carerre?
Is there anything else I can do For Sir?
Will you kill for me? suck my bell-end? Eat my shit?
I won’t do that.
Hello, Madam!
Hello, Alien!
Hello, Russian!
Hello, Dictator!
Hello, Blind Man!
Hello, Sailor!
Goodbye life, Hello Freedom (in six years time)
Until then I will suck candy till I rot my teeth
And lie in bed (till it grows over me)
And sleep until I forget pain and suffering.
And then one day amongst the pigeons on the square I will reawaken to joy! Joy!
And I will zoom everywhere in the world and get there well before it begins.
I will master time. My time will be Now.
I won’t do that.
But for now I will carry on shining shoes and refusing bell-ends!
I have standards you know!