P-p-p-p-p-aris Arse Was Nice! (Journal)

In 2009 I went to Paris to look for a new start in life in a new country far away from everything I knew back home, everyone too. When I try to think about it I see only snapshots and faces.  Silence does not help. Music does not help. Eating does not help although it doesContinue reading “P-p-p-p-p-aris Arse Was Nice! (Journal)”

Watching the escalator

It’s funny when if you hold onto the rails you can move without your feet touching the ground. If this feeling is familiar then you could be in the same zone as me. One minute putting on a pair of socks the next hopping counties on a mission to find that perfect leather jacket you sawContinue reading “Watching the escalator”


Stickers are all that’s left and they aren’t even real. I have turned inside out. Bits of me are all around me It’s an existential maze every day. But always my thoughts return to you.   Excremental /shitstorm /FUBAR Is this the life for me? Everyone watching me self-destructing (again) while I am in a hazeContinue reading “Perfect”

The way (of the eternal optimist).

CAPS Lock, NUMBER Lock. Lockdown. Freaky shit down here. Prison gates have nothing on this. Slide Smash, slide smash. We are in lockdown!! It was another late start for me today, 1.14pm. Still wearing pyjamas. Ate Shepherds Pie. Put on music. Set up mini laptop (netbook) and set about trying to write something original (again).Continue reading “The way (of the eternal optimist).”