Ghost Hill

There is a hill not far away and upon it are the remnants of people’s lives.

Every night upon the strike of ten million stop what they are doing and go to bed.

The hill has claimed ten thousand lives and half-lives in the forms of ghost only survive.

It has been said that to climb to the top without seeing a  ghost (being haunted) is impossible.

But our hero with a never say never is willing to give it a try

He from a wealthy family comes and with a popular smile to make them come support he beckons from the crowds at the side of the road who are willing to give him a cheer, alternatively a kick up the arse.

Ghostbusters flags are waved, all paid for of course out of the deep pockets of the sponsors whose logos he wears on his shirt.

He sets off to go when the whistle blows and all is silent as everyone waits for the crowd to start.

The people have crowded around him like tadpoles millimetres apart. There are ten seconds to go. Ten beats of the human heart.

PhRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT! Goes a little boy unintentionally. His Mum gives him a cold stare.

‘The race is lost’ someone shouts loudly.

‘That was the ghost of last night curry!’