Jig Poem

Jig-saw jig-seen

Jig been there

Jig will try it…

Jig been…

Jig self upwards


Hands together

Going nowhere

Jig on, Jig out

Jig yourself out of a hole

Jig-me a melody

Jig inside to a tune

Jig on anywhere, anyplace love has been

Jig to the future, jig to the past

Jig going forward

It’s gonna be a blast!


© 2017 Andrew Watkins

Cosmic Jigsaw

Cosmic thing you still got my ding-a-ling
Roll on highway in the sky
i know you want more whoa!
Let’s go for a ride ooohha!
And not take a map
But a see-saw ride
And see what we can yee-haw find
Hows that for eyes sore?
Of all the Gin Joints. Ptchaw!
Route 66 is really a mix
This poem has not got stix
I quit!