Park The Ride,Get Inside,Interview Time

Everything is humming and moving in time

People getting busy and moving in time

Watchers getting lossy and losing their stride

Peacocks are strutting and moving in time

Antlers are rutting and shoving aside

Children are walking having a time.

Clouds are gathering and glowering ahead

The workers are not getting out of bed

The ants on the ground cluster on a lollypop stick

And Am I the only one feeling sick?

Where does this happen today? Anyplace?

It’s just that it’s seared on my memory

like a chargrilled steak burned bits.

Am I talking to myself?

Am I not in good health?

Well enough to take a stage

and act something like my age

for the benefit of others that may hear

and act upon what I have to say

If and only if I get the chance.

At my interview today.