Web Safe Colours

Back in the Day!

WebSafe Colours. 216 to choose from.

A Buzzword echoed in print and online cross zone

Anything is possible

The Internet will take us there

Microsoft, IBM and Apple are carriages with horses

for our journey. Names like adverts repeating

but with meaning such was the confusion and the race

to be first with an offering to beat the bubble.Quiet unless

you are plugged in, dazzling if you get in the beams of

the headlights of a helicopter going places. Nevermind

toast still is toast and butter, butter in web safe colours.

USS Internet

USS Internet

Patrolling In the Surf!
Showing us what we’re worth
For Good Or For Bad
For Richer of being poorer
The Digital road glistens ahead
We trudge along the path in torn jeans and old sneakers
making friends and enemies few unknown
we stumble upon old friends and avoid the same places
We integrate, assimilate, emulate our heroes
fight their battles, join their wars, what for?
The past blurs the present even more as we search, search for more.