Back flip In Slush

My heart has been yawning for an eternity. Yawn Yawn, Yawn. Then today it got haunted and did a backflip all within the space of two hours. This is an occasion worth writing about. Normally my heart is just ticking away like some indispensable but thoroughly boring part of my anatomy and without wanting to sound elite It doesn’t get moved easily. So imagine my surprise when a thoroughly annoying sound coming from downstairs i.e. building works made it shiver as an old memory caught the wind and billowed in front of me for a few moments. An icy chill made its way across the landscape of my recollection before sticking in its daggers like too many temperature probes at a science fair. Then while reading the blogs of friends on WordPress I felt the all too familiar tug of not knowing enough about someone and my urge that compels me to find out more even though I know that’s as far as it will go, reading a poem on a page and reading some bio. Oh yes, and a slushy backflip did occur. But it was so slushy I might have been mistaken. Anyway, that was my day’s excitement and now you know too.

Rock On!

Custody of A Soul

In the giant pigsty in the sky

I have a bottle of whisky and a bottle of coke

In the campsite, that is your heart

Somewhere I’d like to stay and maybe

Start a revolution and witness evolution

and the fall of man.

Sparkles shine all around shackles to our hearts

bird souls flitting between the trees

promising to bring us to our knees

I thought perhaps I was on a roll

to give another custody of A soul

to have to hold and wonder on

A living man amongst the trees

following sorrowful melodies.