Granny Smith – A New Necklace Short Story

Stitch…stabbing. Car death. Violent Death. Gunshot wound. A stitch in time saves nine. Cross stitch mutilation and torture. Embroidery. Incest familicide. Damn its hot in here! Take off some clothes. When you are comfortable I will begin. Once upon a time, there was a grandmother who was tired of cross-stitch and embroidery. One day aContinue reading “Granny Smith – A New Necklace Short Story”

So, blood guts and gore are OK..Hmmm

Sheila looked up from inside the chest cavity ¬†of her victim. Her feline teeth stained red, her whole face blood red only the whites of her eyes like ice lightning flecked with green. Her stance was that of a cat also and she used her legs to gain leverage when she tore with her teethContinue reading “So, blood guts and gore are OK..Hmmm”