All That Chimes

All that chimes isn’t rhyme

All that succours isn’t true

And wedded bliss well, that bird flew

(away into the hills)

Sometimes my heart follows my eyes

and it becomes difficult to know

what is, what’s not or where the plot is leading

I want it to lead somewhere new

Like the bird that flew

and then kept on going

(instead of going round and round

when there’s no way of knowing if

your coming or going)

Wanting security, watching telly

Loves true ring and apocalyptic belly

Brevity makes us instant brew

with no flavour or clue (as to

whats going on)

I already feel like I said

this once today

but another made me wonder

if I was wrong again

and too shallow to care

for another.

I had steak for dinner.

If you’re wondering It was medium rare

with mashed swede and carrots

and potato croquets.

I’m a gamer too, but I am twenty years older

but can rest my handset on my belly

so were even steven OK

What I was hoping to explain

was that no matter what we know

All the glitters, isn’t gold.