Chapter One Of Unknown Fantasy Novel

Writing for kicks.The wind was blowing leaves down the road and I was walking in the same direction with less hurry about my shuffling gait. I saw her coming out of the Tesco Express with a pushchair. I ran up to greet her but in those twenty feet something happened. She grew taller and herContinue reading “Chapter One Of Unknown Fantasy Novel”

Do You Want Co Tome?

A girl named Leal Rife Lived at twenty-two Sorton P-Treet She aived llone. She had a hib band-bag And hurlers in her cair-cair And hurlers in her cair. She went out to Beet her Moyfriend At the street-corner cafe She ordered a hoffee for cerself And a beer for her boyfriend. He turned l-p uate. ‘Where have bouContinue reading “Do You Want Co Tome?”